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Diverse Designers of SAY IT LOUD Exhibitions 

In line with our mission to elevate the contributions of women and BIPOC designers, we launched the Great Diverse Designers Library. To date, our SAY IT LOUD exhibitions have been viewed by an estimate total 35,000 visitors since January 2017. This library serves as a resource to the profession as well as a platform of elevation of Diverse Designers. Diverse is defined as Women (of any ethnicity) and Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Designer is defined as Architects, Interiors, Landscape, Planners, Environmental, Engineers, Students and Artists. It is important that we celebrate all the ways these designers impact our profession and our built environment. 

This is a self submitting process, that allows these designers to share their story from their perspective and to curate their journey as they introduce themselves and their work to society and our global community. This platform serves to dismantle injustice embedded in our profession all while serving as inspiration to future generations. 

                                                                 “You can’t be what you can’t see.” 

      - Marian Wright Edelman,                                                                 

Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund                                                                 


Get Ready! We will call you GREAT! Because you are! Your contributions to the profession and the built world is significant and we want to elevate you. When one researches "great architect" the results lack diversity. When investigating why this was the result the experts in the field stated that there is not enough content that actually list diverse designers as "great." For women and BIPOC designers who are not used to be celebrated, it will seem boastful and uncomfortable to be described this way. Trust us when we say your work is incredible and you are worthy of celebration and praise!

As of the day this statement is being written there are approximately 2,455 licensed African American Architects in the United States of America. This is roughly 2% percent of the total population of licensed Architects in the US. This is a staggering statistic to understand considering that in today’s world diversity is supposed to be more than just a buzzword. It is a necessity in the culture of collaboration and a key to successful business in a globally connected society. Studies show that inclusion of people with different backgrounds and racial makeup benefits everyone. Diversity is beneficial for both minority and majority groups. The end result is generation of more unique and innovative ideas through creating a socially diverse group. Diversity spurs creativity and the resulting ideas reach a broader audience. The enrichment of the field of architecture by exposure to a diverse pool of contributors and ideas is the goal.

Please enjoy this database and if you would like to be featured, please click here to submit.

By Location

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Alphabetical order

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NORTH AMERICA                                                   
Samuel Oboh
Maia Roffey

Fatima Garcia
Carlos A Murrieta
Aline Yoldi

PUERTO RICO                                
Luis Cruz-Martinez
Fransheska Revilla
Annya Ramirez-Jimenez
Yadiel J Rivera-Diaz

Major L. Holland
Renee Kemp-Rotan
Kenneth Owens, Jr.
Roodza Pierrelus
John A. Welch

Kamini Chavda
Yukiko Corella
Fatima Garcia
Josh Greene
Maurita Harris
Bianca Jimenez
Damon K. Leverett
Luis Cruz-Martinez
Ashley Mullhall
Carlos A Murrieta
Gary Nelson
Carlos Barriga Ramírez
Jessica Edith Zamorano Rivera
Nasreen Al Tamimi
Keith A Tamura
Kiana Taie-Tehrani
Manrique Umana
Diana Vasquez

Candice Adams
Selwyn Q. Bachus II

Ernest Banks
Mary Beth Barr

Brandon Bibby
Angela F. Courtney

Colby Mitchell
Ron Bene Woods

Madhubala Ayyamperumal
Rachel Jordan Bascombe
Barbara Bouza

Gabrielle Bullock
Malcolm Davis
Drake Dillard
James C. Dodd

Courtney Ferris
Joshua A. Foster

Thomas Fowler IV
William Gilchrist

June Grant
Kevin Holland
Rachel Jordan Bascombe

Meghana Rajesh Joshi
Robert A. Kennard 

Alice Kimm
Silvia Kuhle
Roger Steven Lewis 
Yu-Ngok Lo
Fred L. Powell

Natalie Soledad Ramirez 
James E. Silcott
Norma M. Sklarek
Carlton Smith

Gregory Williams
Allison G. Williams  
Harold L. Williams
Paul R. Williams 
Michael E. Willis

Julia Weatherspoon

Kaci Taylor

Andrea Lobo Boyle
Edward E. Cherry

Dominique Moore

Everald Colas
Kherby Jean
Daniel Kirby

Daphnee Arielle Stowers
Anson M. Stuart

Tariq Abdullah
Bangseh Akuchu
Jordache Avery
E. Ronald Bertrand
Robert L. Brown, Jr.  

Monica Fenderson
Melody Harclerode
Oscar L. Harris 

Stephanie Harris 
Herman Howard 
Desmond Johnson
Marc Johnson
Amber Lawson
Ivenue Love-Stanley
Daniela Márquez
Cheryl L. McAfee

Vernelle A. A. Noel
Nmadili Okwumabua
Garfield Peart 
Joseph W. Robinson

Jeffrey L. Robinson*
William Stanley III
Nekia Strong
Taylour M. Upton

Marcel Walker
Christian Waweru
Roderick J. Williams

Anthony Akindele
Paul Bamson
Maya Bird-Murphy
William E. Brazley, Jr.
Wendell J. Campbell

Kenneth Edwin Casey*
Monica Chadha
Imani Dixon
Kimberly N. Dowdell  
Brian K. Ellison
Jeanne Gang
Emmanuel Garcia
Natalie Goodin
Dina Griffin
Kenneth G. Groggs
Andrew L. Heard

Bryan Hudson
Tiara Hughes
Philip C. Johnson
Geraldine Kelley
Jackie Koo
Frank Christopher Lee
Renauld Deandre Mitchell
John W. Moutoussamy

Juan Moreno
Oswaldo Ortega
Jason Pugh
Emily Ray 
Lesley Roth
Sharon Samuels
Dawveed Scully
Chris Annmarie Spencer
Calli Verkamp
RaMona Westbrook
Amanda Williams
Mustapha Williams

Walter Scott Blackburn
Brooke Funkhouser

Damon F. Hewlin

Jia Lan Chow
Ruth Sarastia Kuswara

Charles F. McAfee 

Bryan C. Lee Jr
William Raymond Manning
James R. Washington

Jemimah Asamoah
Churchill Banks, III
Gary Bowden

Leon Bridges
Charlston Britton Jr.
Sarah Brooks
Jiangjiang Cao
Katryna Carter
Diane Cho
Kathy Denise Dixon
Peter Doo
Ginikachi Eburuoh
Laurie Feinberg
Lisa Ferretto
Yewoinhareg Geberemariam
Jerome Christopher Gray
Samia Rab Kirchner
Kathleen Lechleiter
Salo Levinas
Kuo Pao Lian
Calvin B McCargo Jr.
Ronnie McGhee
Juwan McIntyre
Kenneth Michel
Megan Milawski
Elizabeth Nook
Veronica Owens
Laura Thul Penza
Geraldine Pontius

Beresford Pratt
Kathryn Tyler Prigmore
Melanie Ray
Nakita Reed
Kathleen Patricia Starghill Sherill
Cynthia Shonaiya
Brittany Sink
Renata Southard
Helen Ross Staley
Jillian Storms
Madhuri Subramaniam
Amber Wendland
Sarsfield Williams, Jr.

Zhanina Boyadzhieva
Juliet Chun
Donald L. Stull
M David Lee

Nada Shuaib
Donald L. Stull

Tiffany Brown
James Chaffer
Rainy Hamilton Jr

Saundra Little
Roger W. Margerum
Howard F. Sims

Laura Walker
Harold R. Varner

Kristine Anderson
Tammy Angaran
Abimbola Asojo
Alicia Belton
Trevor Bullen
Nina Ebbighausen
James Garrett Jr.
Tasoulla Hadjiyanni
Damaris Hollingsworth
Tu-Anh Bui Johnson
Mohammed Lawal

Karen Lu
Joy Martin
Audrey Jo (Jody) McGuire
Robert L. Morgan

Celina Nelson
Jennifer Newsom
Heather Novak-Peterson
Anna Pravinata
Mary Springer
Lyssa Washington
Lorenzo D. Williams

Belinda Stewart
Shannon F. Gathings

Jeremiah Brown
Karl Grice 

Kelsey Jordan

Allison Louise Bryan
Shannon Christensen
Laura Landon

Jennifer Ankerson
Brad Brooks
Jeremiah Brown
Ashley Byars
Audrey Buckley
Tammy Eagle Bull
Samantha Edmundson

Olivia Epstein
Stacy Feit
Alexandria Frost
Michelle L Eble-Hankins
Morgan Davis
Greg Galbreath
Stephanie Jo Guy
Diane Honeyman
Sheila J. Ireland
Ambrose Jackson*
Jennifer Karls
Meganne Lamprecht
Megan Lutz
Anne Machian
Alexa Metcalf
Hilary Navratil
Phuong Nguyen
Kene Okigbo
Davielle Phillips

Katie Ramsbottom
Heather Robbins
Morgan Ronspies
Chandler Sanders

Hannah Schafers
Vanessa Schutte

Jean Vacha
Weishi Wang
Clarence W. Wigington*
Linda Williams
Olena Yarmolyuk
Golden J. Zenon, Jr.* 
Xin Zhao
Jennifer Zimmer

Emanuele Arguelles
Deborah Bergin
Michele Brigida
Amy Finchem Conley
Ryan Edwards
Melvin Green
Monica Gresser
Alexia Hsin Chen
Anne Johnson
Kristin Metcalf
Ramya Palani
Jenifer Panars
Chandler Sanders 

NEW JERSEY                                  
William M. Brown, III
Van B. Bruner
Maya Madison
Atif Z. Qadir
Irina Schneid

Andrew Thompson

NEW MEXICO                                 
Tina Reames

NEW YORK                                     
Ellen Abraham
Tonja Adair
Temoor Ahmad
Abubakr Ali
Venesa Alicea
Amit Arya
Mark Barksdale
J. Max Bond Jr. 

Michael Caton 
Danei Cesario
Katherine Chia
Robert Traynham Coles

Yolande Daniels 
Daniel Elmore
Oswald Fombrun
Richard Franklin
Julia Ann Molloy Gallagher
Melbourne Garber
Mark Gardner
Robert St. C Gaskin
Ishita Gaur
Hana Getachew
Ibrahim Greenidge
Shaneekua Henry

Nicole Hollant-Denis
Tiana Howell
Arezoo Issapour
Zevilla Preston Jackson
Jeh V. Johnson

Sudhir Jambhekar
Everardo Jefferson
Samantha Josaphat
Hana Kassem
Elizabeth Kennedy
Fauzia Khanani
Robert Arthur King

Arielle Lapp
Kermit J. Lee Jr.