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Diverse Designers of SAY IT LOUD Exhibitions 

In line with our mission to elevate the contributions of women and BIPOC designers, we launched the Great Diverse Designers Library. To date, our SAY IT LOUD exhibitions have been viewed by an estimate total 35,000 visitors since January 2017. This library serves as a resource to the profession as well as a platform of elevation of Diverse Designers. Diverse is defined as Women (of any ethnicity) and Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Designer is defined as Architects, Interiors, Landscape, Planners, Environmental, Engineers, Students and Artists. It is important that we celebrate all the ways these designers impact our profession and our built environment. 

This is a self submitting process, that allows these designers to share their story from their perspective and to curate their journey as they introduce themselves and their work to society and our global community. This platform serves to dismantle injustice embedded in our profession all while serving as inspiration to future generations. 

                                                                 “You can’t be what you can’t see.” 

      - Marian Wright Edelman,                                                                 

Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund                                                                 


Get Ready! We will call you GREAT! Because you are! Your contributions to the profession and the built world is significant and we want to elevate you. When one researches "g