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Action 03: 

Dismantling Injustice

Data to Define Policy


In order to understand how we can make policy changes to combat discrimination and economic equity within the world of architecture, we will be hosting a virtual focus group in the Fall with 500 diverse designers. We are partnering with Remesh the platform that will allow us to run this large, online focus group, in order to amplify the voices of diverse designers as well as capture valuable data and insights on individual experiences and sentiments. Remesh will enable us to engage with our community, as well as see the common themes and ideas we care about. Armed with this information, we can identify key issues and draft policies to change the negative, discriminatory experiences of diverse designers in our community.

Participants will join the live session via a link (details to follow). All you need is an internet browser, no app, or downloads necessary.


How you can help:

  • Participate in the conversation. It's totally free and anonymous.

  • Aid in spreading the word, the more voices the better.

  • The focus is to understand the experiences of diverse designers, policies, and characters that play a role in enforcing discrimination and withholding economical equity. 


This is called a conversation rather than a survey because I'll sculpt some questions as a response to the questions. Every time you answer, the technology will let us know in real time the percentage and commonalities in the responses. However to help set expectations of the conversation, I've included some questions below. 

  • In what country are currently located?

    • For those who answered United States? What State?​

  • What is your profession? (Architect, Interiors, Urban Planner, Engineer, Landscape, etc.)

  • Are you a diverse designer? 

    • Define your diversity 

  • Have you been told you don't have the capacity to be a designer because of your gender or race?

    • For those who answered yes: Where did this occur School or in the Profession? 

  • For the diverse designers on the call who sit s on local and national boards? AIA NOMA Etc. 

  • Are you a Firm owner?

    • For those who answered yes:

      • How many employees do you have?

    • For the women who work in firms:

      • What is your position? (Please answer with years of experience) Partner, Principal, Senior Associate, Associate, Staff 

    • For the People of Color who work in firms:​​​​​​

      • What is your position? (Please answer with years of experience) Partner, Principal, Senior Associate, Associate, Staff 

  • What percentage of your work is in diverse communities? ​


The session will be scheduled in the Fall. The goal is to have 500 participants. 

Please sign up below if you want a notice when the registration link is available. 

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