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SAY IT LOUD - NOW Exhibitor
SAY IT LOUD - NOMA 50th Exhibition

Colorado Based Designer

Who or what inspires you professionally?

I am inspired by people who are doing everything they can to make our world a better place.

Kaci Taylor


 The great architect, Founder of THE5WH, Kaci is a licensed architect in both California and Colorado. Her professional experience spans from single family custom homes designed with alternative building materials, to high rise market rate multi-family housing, to affordable housing renovations and boutique hotels. With professional work throughout the country, her passion for quality design is driven by the desire to create healthy environments and collaborative working relationships.


How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that built environment profession was an area of interest for you?

I learned of the importance of my surroundings at an early age. It was important to me to be around people, and in spaces that were comfortable. I became fascinated with learning how to create positive environments for myself as well as for others


What do you do?

I am the founder and owner of the THE5WH, ar- chitecture and consulting firm that strives to cre- ate quality spaces that positively impact people’s lives through human centered design.

What excites you in the work you do?

Design impacts our lives. It is the foundation of our interactions, our experiences, our connec- tions. Our physical surroundings affect how we sleep, our ability to learn, our productivity, and our overall levels of happiness.

Who or what inspires you professionally?

I am inspired by people who are doing everything they can to make our world a better place.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment or achievement?

I’m proud of being able to be someone who oth- ers look up to. I love sharing my experiences and knowledge through mentoring in hopes to help others navigating this profession. I love being able to inspire others with my approach to archi- tecture.

Featured Project Name: 



Featured Project Location: 

New Orleans


Featured Project Completion Date: 

Concept Design

Role in Featured Project: 



Featured Project Description:

A conceptual design of a culinary school located in New Orleans is all about creating a connection to the surrounding neighborhood and showcasing the back of house operations of the culinary profession. The central, elevated, and glowing cube houses all of the teaching kitchens, and are brought to the “front” by reducing transparency between this program and its adjacent program. Further, this concept is enhanced through the main circulation of the building.

Photography Credit:

Kaci Taylor

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