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Texas Based Designer

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Powerful Black Females making a difference.



The great designer,  Future Architect Destiny St.Cyre is a UTSA alumni for she recently graduated from the architecture program as AIAS@UTSA Outgoing Chapter President. Destiny believes architecture should be functional and unexpected, engaged and poetic, experimental and affordable. I am eager to embark on profound collaborations with communities, engineers, artists, and investors.

How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that built environment profession was an area of interest for you?

I've always been fascinated by cities and traveling around the world to explore them and the monumental buildings they carry.

What do you do?

Currently a architecture student looking for internship opportunities

What excites you in the work you do?

The ability to create and customize an experience for people who work, live, and play in the living environment. Architects get to scratch the earth and leave something behind.

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Powerful Black Females making a difference.


What is your proudest professional accomplishment or achievement?

Becoming AIAS chapter president at UTSA and placing in IES Dallas 2020 lighting design competition with my team.

Featured Project Name: 

Converging Paths

Featured Project Location: 

San Antonio, TX

Featured Project Completion Date: 


Role in Featured Project: 


Featured Project Description:

My concept is using linear paths that are from primary, secondary, and tertiary routes to the site of the urban ecology center. The linear paths create form and organize space to address the program of a multifunctional urban ecology center.

Photography Credit:

Destiny St.Cyre in Lumion

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