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SAY IT LOUD - Georgia

Georgia Based Designer

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Knowing that the work I do improves the lives of others in meaningful ways.



The great architect, Tariq Abdullah is the Principal Architect, and CEO of TARCHITECTS, the architectural design firm he developed to provide architectural solutions that seek to maintain and enhance the urban environment, particularly as it relates to education. He is a philanthropist. He seeks to be a benefactor within every community he is a part of. Most of his work as a philanthropist is done through the Tarchitects Foundation for Architecture and Design (TFAD), his architecture firm’s tax-exempt nonprofit.

How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that built environment profession was an area of interest for you?

At the age of 2 or 3, I was told by my grandmother that I would be an architect. This stayed with me and remained a my career aspirations until I saw it through.


What do you do?

I’m an architect who uses my passion expertise in architecture and community development to serve as a bridge between the architectural and social fabrics of communities. The great architect 

What excites you in the work you do?

Helping others by far. As well as knowing that I’ve been equipped with the vision attenuation that has the potential to positively affect communities.

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Knowing that the work I do improves the lives of others in meaningful ways.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment or achievement?

Seeing the success of the Tarchitects Design Fellows years following their fellowship at the firm.

Featured Project Name: 

The Community Academy for Architecture and Design (TCAAD)


Featured Project Location: 

Atlanta, Georgia


Featured Project Completion Date: 


Role in Featured Project: 

Visionary, Co-Founder, Architect of Record, Governing Board Chair


Featured Project Description:

TCAAD is the nation’s first primary school for architecture.



The mission of TCAAD is to expose students to architecture and design in a learner-centered environment, which promotes creativity, critical thinking, and develops community conscious leaders.


The ultimate vision of TCAAD is to partner with communities to develop thriving children and sustainable neighborhoods using architecture and design-thinking as a conduit for positive inner-generational transformation.

Photography Credit:

Tarchitects Foundation for Architecture and Design

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