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Rachael is an experienced interior designer, strategist and thought-leader with a breadth of understanding across all sectors. She joined Bates Smart in 2005 and became a Studio Director in 2018. During this time, she has worked on numerous major projects. As a key member of the strategy team, she undertakes evidence-based research and is well informed on workplace trends. In 2020, she wrote an essay on the ‘Post-Covid Workplace’, which was published in the magazine Artichoke and ArchitectureAu.

Featured Project Name: 

Australian Unity

Featured Project Location: 

Melbourne, VIC

Featured Project Completion Date: 

21 / 05 / 2019

Role in Featured Project: 

Workplace Specialist and Strategy Lead

Featured Project Description:

Challenged with creating a new flexible workplace able to accommodate over 1000 staff, Australian Unity engaged Bates Smart to design a space providing connection between people, heritage and community. The hub-style workplace focuses on wellness, enabling an agile, technology-reliant workforce. The three floor ‘villages’, all connected via a large stairwell and void. Socially engineered lower floors encourage collaboration, nurturing a sense of purpose and personal relationships.

Photography Credit:

Peter Clarke

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