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Action 01: 
Dismantling Injustice

Monthly Impressions


Representation matters and media publications have neglected our stories, our contributions, and in some cases erased our existence. With this call for action, we are looking to have media outlets including, digital print, and broadcast to sign a Memorandum of Understanding committing to:

  • Reporting the percentage of diverse designers, they feature in the publication annually, continued tracking to increase the result by 5% annually until 15% is achieved, and publish the results for accountability. 

  • Pledge to create more content that specifically lists these diverse designers as great or comparable language to how they describe the value and caliber of the other featured people / work in their publication. 

  • Include researching and development of historical content based on diverse designer’s contributions to the built environment.


  • Pledge to create content about the black experiences to help educate on how architecture is used as a tool to facilitate oppression.  

BBE Community we have identified industry publications with a large subscription base and reach. Since launching the Dismantling Injustice SAY IT WITH-ME(dia) initiative we've engaged them to elevate women and BIPOC designers' stories, contributions, voices, and identities. To date, we have successfully received commitments from 9 publications with 6,353,000+ monthly subscriptions, to pledge to our SAY IT WITH ME(dia) call for action. 

Our goal is to reach 500,000 monthly subscriptions by Juneteenth 2022 and because of House Beautiful's commitment we reached out goal. 


Below, please click the publication icon(s) of the media outlets that you want to encourage to join our movement to dismantle injustice. An autofill email will pop up for you to tailor and send to the editorial teams of the media outlets. The text for the email is below the thumbnails.

Thank you for SAY IT LOUD with us!