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Diverse Designers of SAY IT LOUD Exhibitions 

In line with our mission to elevate the contributions of women and BIPOC designers, we launched the Great Diverse Designers Library. To date, our SAY IT LOUD exhibitions have been viewed by an estimate total 35,000 visitors since January 2017. This library serves as a resource to the profession as well as a platform of elevation of Diverse Designers. Diverse is defined as Women (of any ethnicity) and Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). Designer is defined as Architects, Interiors, Landscape, Planners, Environmental, Engineers, Students and Artists. It is important that we celebrate all the ways these designers impact our profession and our built environment. 

This is a self submitting process, that allows these designers to share their story from their perspective and to curate their journey as they introduce themselves and their work to society and our global community. This platform serves to dismantle injustice embedded in our profession all while serving as inspiration to future generations. 

                                                                 “You can’t be what you can’t see.” 

      - Marian Wright Edelman,                                                                 

Founder and President of the Children’s Defense Fund                                                                 


Get Ready! We will call you GREAT! Because you are! Your contributions to the profession and the built world is significant and we want to elevate you. When one researches "great architect" the results lack diversity. When investigating why this was the result the experts in the field stated that there is not enough content that actually list diverse designers as "great." For women and BIPOC designers who are not used to be celebrated, it will seem boastful and uncomfortable to be described this way. Trust us when we say your work is incredible and you are worthy of celebration and praise!

As of the day this statement is being written there are approximately 2,455 licensed African American Architects in the United States of America. This is roughly 2% percent of the total population of licensed Architects in the US. This is a staggering statistic to understand considering that in today’s world diversity is supposed to be more than just a buzzword. It is a necessity in the culture of collaboration and a key to successful business in a globally connected society. Studies show that inclusion of people with different backgrounds and racial makeup benefits everyone. Diversity is beneficial for both minority and majority groups. The end result is generation of more unique and innovative ideas through creating a socially diverse group. Diversity spurs creativity and the resulting ideas reach a broader audience. The enrichment of the field of architecture by exposure to a diverse pool of contributors and ideas is the goal.

Please enjoy this database and if you would like to be featured, please click here to submit.

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By Location

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Maria Abarca

Tariq Abdullah
Guled Abdulwasi

Sonia-Lynn Abenojar
Ellen Abraham
Victoria Acevedo
Tonja Adair
Candice Adams
Deb Adams

Seyi Adelekun
David Adjaye
David Adjei
Naa Atswei Adjei
Amanda Adler

Shalini Agrawal
Italia Aguilera

Temoor Ahmad
Joonmo Ai

Karen Kirks Alexander
Bangseh Akuchu
Anthony Akindele
Elizabeth Alford

Abubakr Ali
Shariq Ali
Venesa Alicea
Natalie Alima

Leroy Ali-Osman
Katherine B. Ambroziak

Jennifer Amster
Kristine Anderson
Tammy Angaran
Jennifer Ankerson
Amna Ansari
Jarrod Arellano

Emanuele Arguelles
Erica Aronson
Lavanya Arulanandam

Amit Arya
Jemimah Asamoah
Bisi Ashiru-Smiles

Abimbola Asojo
Atong Atem
Marcella Attolini

Jill Van Auken
Jordache Avery
Madhubala Ayyamperumal

Selwyn Q. Bachus I
Laura Juarez Baggett
Isham O. Baker
Ingrid Bakker

Andre Ballard
Jane J. Bamford
Paul Bamson
Churchill Banks, III

Ernest Banks
Julie Barghout
Mark Barksdale
Mary Beth Barr
Isaac Manuel Barrantes
Veronica Castro de Barrera
Sheila Dial Barton

Rachel Jordan Bascombe
William J. Bates
Hiten Bawa
Ernest E. Bellamy
Alicia Belton
Deborah Bergin
Zoë Berman
E. Ronald Bertrand
Brandon Bibby
W. Daniel Bickerstaff
Ashlie Bird

Maya Bird-Murphy
Margine Biswas

Georgia Bizios
Alaa Bou Ghanem
Walter Scott Blackburn
J. Max Bond Jr.
Michael Boongaling
Stacy A. Bourne
Barbara Bouza
Gary Bowden
William E. Brazley, Jr.
Stanford R. Britt
Robert L. Brown, Jr.
William M. Brown, III
Van B. Bruner
Charles I. Bryant
Robert E. Bryant
Zhanina Boyadzhieva

Briaunna Boyd
Sara R. Boyer
Andrea Lobo Boyle
Amelia Brackmann

Michele Brigida
Leon Bridges
Charlston Britton Jr.

Brad Brooks
Sarah Brooks

Christina Brown
Jeremiah Brown
Tiffany Brown
Allison Louise Bryan
Audrey Buckley
Tammy Eagle Bull
Trevor Bullen
Gabrielle Bullock
Alisha Burkman

Larissa Burlij
Amber Buscarello

Jasmyn Byrd
Lakeisha Byrd
Ashley Byars

Felipe Lopera Cadavid
Catherine Callaway

Lara Cameron-Cole
Aaron Patrick Campbell
Charlene Campbell
Wendell J. Campbell

Teri Canada
Susan Cole Cannon
Horace S. Cantrell, Jr.
Jiangjiang Cao
Donna D. Carter

Noah Carbulon
Stein Carrington
Megan Carroll
Nichole Carroway
Katryna Carter
Elisa Casagrande

Maria Casarella
Kenneth Edwin Casey*
Michael Caton
Danei Cesario
Monica Chadha
James Chaffer

Sara Chafi
Allison Chambers
John S. Chase

Kamini Chavda
Alexia Hsin Chen
Chelsea Chen
Erica Chen
Yanjing Chen
Mau Yuen Cheng
Edward E. Cherry

Katherine Chia
Dennis Antonio Chiessa
Jocelyn Chiew
Kanyanta Chipanta

Diane Cho
Jia Lan Chow
Shannon Christensen
Jill Christoff
Juliet Chun
R. Corey Clayborne
Elgin Cleckley
Carina Coel

Everald Colas
Robert Traynham Coles
Nadia Combe
Stacey Concienne
Peter D. Cook

Kelvonto LaVale Cooper
Amy Finchem Conley 
Rebecca Conrad

Yukiko Corella
Chris T. Corelius
Ada Corral

Angela F. Courtney
James D. Cowan Jr. 
Emily Cox

Erin Paige Craven
Michele Crawford
Mary K. Crites

Amanda Cronick
Luis Cruz-Martinez
Katie Cudal
Lisa Cunningham

Rebecca Curry

Sijie Dai
Emily Dallmeyer

Yolande Daniels
Tam Dao
Gabriela Rodriguez Davila

Chelsea Davis
Malcolm Davis
Morgan Davis
Nolman Davis Jr.
Nicole Rose Davis
Toriano L. Davis