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Alix brings both pragmatism and passion to the design process, along with end-to-end experience across a range of project types and sectors, including culture, infrastructure, residential and commercial. She’s contributed to some of our most notable recent projects – developments such as Park Avenue Central in Shanghai and Melbourne Metro. On the once-in-generation rail project, she played an instrumental role from the start, consulting with numerous stakeholders to balance their complex needs.

Featured Project Name: 

One Heart Village -Tanzania Designed in collaboration Hassell w+ CHC

Featured Project Location: 

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Featured Project Completion Date: 

Estimated 2025

Role in Featured Project: 


Featured Project Description:

One Heart Village is a project that aims to establish a permanent, safe home for up to 250 vulnerable girls in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The village is zoned across the 20 acre (81,000m2) site into housing, education, health, community, sport, play and farming. These zones allow the built form and identity of the village to feel contextual in its location, to engage with the community and to feel part of the local culture.

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