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Splice Design

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New York Based Designer

How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that it was an area of interest for you? 

I was always interested in new buildings and houses in construction. Wood framed houses always caught my attention. In high school I traveled to Paris in a study program and I was hooked. During high school, I also did a NASA program in material forensics- how materials fail. I could incorporate this stuff into building? Architecture was the perfect mixture of a love of art, science, history and materials. I had a teacher who told me I could take it as far as I could imagine. I was always fortunate to have family and teachers who pushed me to stay curious. 


 The great architect, Tonja Adair, AIA, is an architect|urban designer endeavoring to enhance how we filter and interpret the environment we inhabit. She believes architecture has the ability to form meaning and provide relevance with attention to our viewpoints/context, the aesthetics of material and form, and the role sustainability can play in our futures. Tonja is a principal at Splice Design, a NYC-Atlanta practice working across scales from interiors-buildings- urban design strategies.

How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that built environment profession was an area of interest for you?
I was eight when my parents introduced architecture to me though an intersection of ongoing events: walking tours of downtown Atlanta looking at the effects of light/color/ materials, and reading books describing exciting cities around the world.

What do you do?
I am an architect focusing on single-family residential and boutique commercial architectural projects.

What excites you in the work you do?
Building a physical space or environment that enhances how people aspire to live, and that creates joy in ones daily routine inspires us.

Who or what inspires you professionally?
Inspiration is all around us. Our favorite sources are art, music and travel!
What is your proudest professional accomplishment or achievement?
We are proud of the overall journey to date and look forward to contributing more in the future.

Featured Project Name: 
Open Loop
Featured Project Location: 
New York, NY
Featured Project Completion Date: 
May 2014

Role in Featured Project: 
Design Architect/ Architect of Record
Featured Project Description:
Open Loop, a 2,800-square-foot storefront/office space was a ticket hub for a hop-on/off sightseeing bus service on the west side of the Times Squarer District. A red carpet winds through the 22-foot high interior, guiding tourists to info on NYC activities. A bus route map rises floor to ceiling as an orientation point, simultaneously separating the storefront and office space. Bold colors and photos of gems to search out once leaving form the backdrop to the center; promising adventure beyond.

Photography Credit:
Splice Design

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