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University of Melbourne

SAY IT LOUD - Naarm Melbourne Exhibitor​



Janet is an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne and a registered architect. Her research, teaching and creative practice focus on making urban space more equitable. Since 2008 she has worked extensively with Indigenous communities using discursive, creative and collaborative methodologies. Her research projects grew out of a teaching collaboration with the Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group, the Indigenous Arts Program (City of Melbourne) and Reconciliation Victoria.

Featured Project Name: 

Campuses on Countries: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Design Framework at The University of Queensland

Featured Project Location: 

Melbourne Australia

Featured Project Completion Date: 


Role in Featured Project: 


Featured Project Description:

This book is an account of student work that has emerged from a dozen architecture and landscape architecture studios focused on Indigenous placemaking in Melbourne. Students have grappled with two key questions: Firstly, what new strategies might emerge for architecture and landscape architecture in Melbourne if time and place are conceptualised through an Indigenous lens? Secondly, how do we as designers, in the absence of many Indigenous architects, engage with other ways of knowing place?


Photography Credit:

Janet McGaw, Jillian Walliss, Jefa Greenaway, Fiona Johnson, Nadia Combe

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