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Anoma Pieris is a Professor at the University of Melbourne. Her most recent publications include Architecture on the Borderline: Boundary Politics and Built Space (2019) and The Architecture of Confinement: Incarceration Camps of the Pacific War (2022), co-authored with Lynne Horiuchi. Anoma is guest curator with Martino Stierli, Sean Anderson and Evangelos Kotsioris of the 2022 MoMa, New York exhibition, The Project of Independence: Architectures of Decolonization in South Asia, 1947-1985.

Featured Project Name: 

Colombo 1976 NAM Summit Motorcade Route

Featured Project Location: 

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Featured Project Completion Date: 


Role in Featured Project: 


Featured Project Description:

From 16-19 August 1976, the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s then capital, was host to the Non Aligned Movement’s fifth international summit, chaired by Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike; an event that gave our small island nation international visibility. Excited to share in this vision, my extended family crowded into a relative’s front garden along the route of the official motorcade. This poster depicts the motorcade route, starting at Colombo Port, ending at the summit venue.


Photography Credit:

Dhanika Kumaheri, Anoma Pieris

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