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Lake|Flato Architects

Texas Based Designer

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Design rooted in history with a modern sensibility.



The great designerVicki joined Lake|Flato in 2005 and has specialized in residential and hospitality projects notable for their attention to craftsmanship and connection to place. She enjoys the design process with clients, consultants, and contractors, and seeks unique design solutions characterized by these collaborations. Vicki believes thoughtfully designed architecture elevates daily experiences and creates timeless, natural environments.

How did you first learn about architecture and when did you decide that built environment profession was an area of interest for you?

As a child, I loved art and creative projects. In high school, I randomly wandered into the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin and instantly felt a strong connection to the vibrant studio spaces and collaborative culture.

What do you do?

I am an architect in pursuit of creating timeless environments celebrating culture and place.

What excites you in the work you do?

I love who I work with: my colleagues, clients, consultants, craftspeople, contractors. Anyone who starts with a C.

Who or what inspires you professionally?

Design rooted in history with a modern sensibility.


What is your proudest professional accomplishment or achievement?

I am proudest when the success of a design has equal ownership by all who contributed to it and when everyone is set up to do their best work. Architecture is a collaboration of so individuals contributing to our understanding of culture and place.

Featured Project Name: 

Aegean Pool House

Featured Project Location: 

Mineola, TX

Featured Project Completion Date: 


Role in Featured Project: 

Project Manager

Featured Project Description:

Located in East Texas, Aegean Pool House is sited on a hilltop overlooking a peaceful lake, surrounded by densely shaded pine forest. This weekend home is designed as an escape from urban life and emphasizes strong connections to nature and a sense of place. The design encourages engagement with the outdoors by creating outdoor program elements, specifically the living spaces, dining room and kitchen. Materials are inspired by the region. The furniture elements provide comfort and efficiency.

Photography Credit:

Casey Dunn

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