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H. Seay Cantrell Associates, State of Indiana
African American AIA Fellow

SAY IT LOUD - Washington DC  Exhibitor
Indiana Based Designer 


He was actively involved in the architectural community, professional and civic organizations.



Born in 1927, Horace S. Cantrell, Jr. was an Indiana native. He continued his higher education graduating from Keller Graduate School of Management, MBA Studies, and Chicago Technical College with a degree in Architectural Engineering, Purdue University - Land Surveying, Illinois Institute of Technology - City Planning and the University of Wisconsin - Roofing Technology. Horace was the Indiana State Architect, Indiana Department of Administration for nineteen years. With his staff, he was in charge of overseeing the architectural designing of all state-owned buildings and facilities. Horace formed an award winning architectural firm, H. Seay Cantrell Associates, 1958 - 1968. He was actively involved in the architectural community, professional and civic organizations. He belonged to AlA and NOMA. Among his numerous memberships, Horace was a member of the Indiana Construction Roundtable Committee, Indiana Urban Renewal Design Committee, Indiana African-American Landmarks Committee and the Committee for the State of Indiana Black Military Museum. He was the first Black president of the State of Indiana AlA Society.


Year of Elevation: 



Featured Project Name: 

Adam Benjamin Jr. Metro Transit Center


Featured Project Location: 

Gary, IN


Featured Project Completion Date: 



Role in Featured Project: 



Featured Project Description:

Gary Metro Center (also known as the Adam Benjamin Metro Center) is a multimodal commuter hub operated by the Gary Public Transportation Corporation. It was built in 1984 as an elevated replacement of the previously ground-level Broadway Street Station. It serves as the central bus terminal and the Downtown Gary station on the South Shore Line. It also serves as a stop for Greyhound Lines and other intercity bus systems.


Photography Credit:

Brandon Bartoszek

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