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University of Minnesota

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SAY IT LOUD exhibition has been invited to feature Diverse Designers of Minnesota by the University of Minnesota, AIA MN, and MSP NOMA at the Goldstein Museum of Design

Kristine Anderson | Minnesota

Kristine Anderson | Minnesota

Tammy Angaran | Minnesota

Tammy Angaran | Minnesota

Abimbola Asojo | Minnesota

Alicia Belton | Minnesota

Nina Ebbighausen | Minnesota

Nina Ebbighausen | Minnesota

James Garrett Jr. | Minnesota

Tu-Anh Bui Johnson | Minnesota

Karen Lu | Minnesota

Joy Martin | Minnesota

Audrey Jo (Jody) McGuire | Minnesota

Jennifer Newsom | Minnesota

Heather Novak-Peterson | Minnesota

Anna Pravinata | Minnesota

Mary Springer | Minnesota

Lyssa Washington | Minnesota

Celina Nelson | Minnesota

Damaris Hollingsworth | Minnesota

Trevor Bullen | Minnesota

Tasoulla Hadjiyanni | Minnesota

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