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SAY IT LOUD exhibition has been invited to feature Diverse Designers of Maryland by Bmore NOMA, AIA Baltimore and Baltimore Architecture Foundation in the Baltimore Center for Architecture and Design Gallery. In line with our mission to elevate the contributions of women and BIPOC designers, architect, engineers and planners, we are inviting you to explore our virtual exhibition.

Virtual Exhibition June 2021

Physical Exhibition October 1, 2021

Jemimah Asamoah | Maryland

Charlston Britton Jr. | Maryland

Churchill Banks | Maryland

Sarah Brooks | Maryland

Leon Bridges | Maryland

Jiangjiang Cao | Maryland

Katryna Carter | Maryland

Peter Doo | Maryland

Diane Cho | Maryland

Ginikachi Eburuoh | Maryland

Kathy Denise Dixon | Maryland

Laurie Feinberg | Maryland

Lisa Ferretto | Maryland

Yewoinhareg Geberemariam | Maryland

Jerome Christopher Gray | Maryland

Samia Rab Kirchner | Maryland

Kuo Pao Lian | Maryland

Juwan McIntyre | Maryland

Kathleen Lechleiter | Maryland

Calvin McCargo Jr. | Maryland

Kenneth Michel | Maryland

Salo Levinas | Maryland

Ronnie McGhee | Maryland

Megan Milawski | Maryland

Elizabeth Nook | Maryland

Geraldine Pontius | Maryland

Veronica Owens | Maryland

Beresford Pratt | Maryland

Laura Thul Penza | Maryland

Kathryn Prigmore | Maryland

Melanie Ray | Maryland

Nakita Reed | Maryland

Kathleen Patricia Starghill Sherrill | Maryland

Cynthia Shonaiya | Maryland

Brittany Sink | Maryland

Renata Southard | Maryland

Helen Ross Staley | Maryland

Amber Wendland | Maryland

Jillian Storms | Maryland

Sarsfield Williams, Jr. | Maryland

Madhuri Subramaniam | Maryland

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