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SAY IT LOUD exhibition has been invited to feature Diverse Designers of Maryland by Bmore NOMA, AIA Baltimore and Baltimore Architecture Foundation in the Baltimore Center for Architecture and Design Gallery. In line with our mission to elevate the contributions of women and BIPOC designers, architect, engineers and planners, we are inviting you to submit.

To date, our SAY IT LOUD exhibitions have been viewed by an estimate total 35,000 visitors since January 2017. From inception, multiple online publications (such as Forbes, Curbed and The Architects Newspaper) with large subscription bases have helped promote the exhibitions further expanding its impact. One featured firm expressed an increase in business which they attributed to being featured in SAY IT LOUD.

Please provide the requested information below to win a chance to be one of the few designers exhibited in

SAY IT LOUD - Maryland

Deadline to Submit - May 30th, 2021 11:59 EST 

Submission: May 30th, 2021 11:59pm EST $50.00 USD

Announcement of the winners: June 14th, 2021 Launch of Virtual Exhibition

Physical Exhibition October 2021 at Baltimore Center for Architecture and Design



  • One project per submission. You can submit numerous applications. 

  • Images minimum 150 dpi resolution, 10 MB each

  • Individual images, composed art boards are not recommended



  • BIPOC and women architects, landscape architects, interior designers, planners, engineers, and all who work in built environment professions who practice or reside in Maryland, as well as students of these disciplines, are encouraged to submit to be included in the virtual and physical exhibitions.

  • BIPOC (He, She, They) or Women (of any ethnicity) 

  • Built / Unbuilt Work 

    • We strongly encourage submissions that reflect a broad and inclusive definition of design excellence. Each entry is judged for the success with which it has met its individual requirements. Submissions must exhibit design achievement that demonstrates exemplary skill and creativity in the resolution and integration of formal, functional, and technical requirements, including ecological stewardship and social responsibility. Submissions should also reflect a strong sense of place, history, and purpose.

  • Architecture is a profession in which design capability is prized and intellectual property is the most common proof of worth, in terms of talent and experience. Contemporary practice is by its nature collaborative. And the more complex the project or the more prolonged the design and construction process, the more individuals may lay valid claim to credit for some part of the work.



  • Featured in the SAY IT LOUD - Maryland Exhibition

  • Name, business or work will be promoted in publications, on websites and social media. 

  • Profile will be included in the Great Diverse Designers Library. 

  • Per your election, application will be considered for future SIL Exhibitions. 

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