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Excited to Share | Part of the Adjaye Associates Team

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

It's official! This week I became a part of the Adjaye Associates Team. In my new role, I'll be both an Architect and an Advocate. As an Associate in the New York office, I will be running projects as well as work with the senior team on project management, business development, and supporting diversity and advocacy work.

To have the ability to hold both parts of my identity while working on world impacting projects that push for design justice is a dream come true! For those like me who were told we had to choose, we can do both!

Social Media Announcement

Blown away and humbled to be joining this incredible global team at a leadership level.

To meet my new collaborators please click this link:

If you are wondering why I chose to send you this email, please know your support means everything to me. You are a part of my community and someone I aspire to make proud.

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