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Excited to SHOUT | I Was Promoted to Associate Principal at the Adjaye Associates New York Office

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I am ecstatic to share that while I was in Abu Dhabi during our annual leadership retreat on January 19, 2023 I was promoted to Associate Principal at the Adjaye Associates New York Office.

AANY Newsletter Announcement

In this role as an Associate Principal I will co-lead the Adjaye Associates New York studio in collaboration with Sir David Adjaye and the Associate Principals. In addition to leading community engagement and design efforts for architectural projects, I oversees operations and business development efforts within the studio.

To have access to that level of mentorship and support is truly humbling. Excited!!!

Congratulations to my Adjaye Associates teammates who were also recognized for their hard work and were promoted as well.

If you are wondering why I chose to send you this email, please know your support means everything to me. You are a part of my community and someone I aspire to make proud.

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