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Excited to Share | I Met Our 44th President, Barack Obama

I am excited to share that I was blessed with an incredible opportunity to meet President Barack Obama at the A'22 Conference in Chicago because I am the 2021 recipient of the Whitney M. Young Jr. Award.

It was truly an honor to share this photo opportunity with one of my (s)hero's the 2020 Whitney M. Young Jr awardee, Gabrielle Bullock, FAIA, NOMAC, IIDA, LEED AP, Director of Global Diversity, Principal at Perkins and Will.

Friday, June 24, 2022 will forever be Obama Day!

The highlight of my experience at the A'22 conference was meeting our 44th President, Barack Obama (who is much taller than I thought) backstage before his soul shaking keynote. Our conversation was brief, but his energy, his stature and the inspiring words made me that much more steadfast with my mission of dismantling oppression from our profession and world.

As he shook my hand and said “very nice to met you, Pascale” I couldn’t help but squeal and think about all the incredible individuals and leaders globally that also shook his hand and now I’m one of them!

He even gave me the iconic Obama fist bump after I told him I was President Elect of NOMA. He said he was "proud to see youth in leadership positions."

Like Whitney M. Young Jr. did decades before President Barack Obama gave us a call to action to provide equity through quality design for all to combat “design deserts” across all communities.

Making sure my medals were polished before meeting President Barack Obama.

Next time I meet President Obama, I intend to have a longer conversation and hopefully meet Michelle Obama as well. With their support I know we can make incredible strides in providing justice for all communities.

If you are wondering why I chose to send you this email, please know your support means everything to me. You are a part of my community and someone I aspire to make proud.

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Jul 06, 2022

Pascale, you are moving the needle; continue to grow.

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