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Excited to Share | Featured in Forbes!!!!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I'm so excited I'm practically screaming with joy!

Still celebrating the success of our SAY IT LOUD - NOW Global Exhibition and virtual gallery now featuring 416 diverse designers, I received amazing news last night. Yours truly is featured as a "Powerhouse Woman" in Forbes Publication!!!!

“There is a difference between activism and advocacy. Activism is posters, marches, protests, getting everybody aware and informed, mobilizing, cultivating resources to draw attention on a particular issue,” says Pascale Sablan. “Advocacy, to me, is more long-term, the nitty-gritty of policy writing, getting information and statistics embedded so that regardless of the person in charge, this rule has to be followed. Although I do play both roles, I think I lend myself more as an advocacy leader and I have been strategic about selecting board positions that allow me to create policy changes.”

To read the full article that also highlighted some featured designers in the library, please click here: Forbes Article

Happy this feature will bring national attention to our Great Diverse Designers Library and hopefully encourage a wider audience to submit for our SAY IT LOUD Exhibitions.

We are always looking to elevate.

Diverse  Black Indigenous  People of Color  Women of any ethnicity  Designers Architects Interiors Landscape Planners Environmental Engineers Students Artist 

If you are wondering why I chose to send you this email, please know your support means everything to me. You are a part of my community and someone I aspire to make proud.

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