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Excited to Share | Voices of Plurality Flash Mob

I am extremely proud to share that during the A'18 Conference a Voices of Plurality Flash Mob which features a range of initiatives, both official and unofficial, geared toward equity, diversity, and inclusion took place.

The flash mob’s mission had expanded to be even more intersectional, a move reflected in the shift to the Voices of Plurality name. To help amplify this call for inclusions and a more reflective and engaged profession, this event is featured by Architectural Record. 

Please support and encourage those who feel injustice to stand up, speak up and to take action! Please join the cause and spread the word of this powerful movement. 

I am so very grateful to A.L. Hu; Julia Murphy, AIA; Caroline James; Rosa Sheng, FAIA; and Beverly Willis, FAIA for allowing me to stand along side them on this dais.  

AR 09/2018

Please know your support means everything to me. You are a part of my community and someone I aspire to make proud. 

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