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Excited to Share | SAY IT LOUD Exhibitions are Now International

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I'm ecstatic to share that our SAY IT LOUD - New York exhibit has been spotted all over the world. So far we received images from Bujumbura, Geneva, Harare, Lagos, Lome, Nairobi, New Delhi, Minsk and Yaounde!!!

Last year we had our SAY IT LOUD - United Nations in the New York Campus where it was seen by thousands of world leaders. The purpose of the exhibition was to raise the visibility of women and diverse designers of New York to the built environment. After my speech, the UN offered to turn my exhibition into an international exhibition. 

For about a year, I redesigned the exhibition into posters and collaborated with their translators and created 8 versions. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic SAY IT LOUD posters were then distributed to the United Nations Information Centers worldwide.  

To help document the various exhibitions, I've launched a new page on my website.

There you can see all the posters in the various languages.

The UNIC - New Delhi also sent an article that talks about the importance of the exhibition. 

To all supporters located all over the world, please go to your nearest United Nations Information Centre and see our SAY IT LOUD Exhibition.

Please keep the photos coming #SAYITLOUDUN

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