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In Response to 

Unrelenting Assault on Justice

The notion that the design community / profession cannot be engage for justice during the time of protest is flawed. Sure our work does impact the built environment, but we have so many skills that we deploy in our design process that can be used on day 1 to fight for civil rights.

B.B.E. has launched this program to connect community advocacy leaders / policy changers to the creative community as a method of leveraging the creative talents to help inform and empower people without traumatizing them with images of violence, death and hate. 

Therefore by entering your email address below, you will be contacted when a community leader need our help. The coalition of designers allows for us to be responsive and nimble to their requests without over burdening an individual. 

For Instance,

  • If a leader requires input on the best location in an area to hold a protest, that is close to mass transit and allows for quick dispersement, their request would be directed to our Urban Planning Creative Responders

  • If a leader requires graphics, pamphlets, website launch to help inform and organize, their request would be directed to our Graphic Artist Creative Responders

  • If a leader requires diagrams or complex information synthesized, and needs a spatial graphic that explains an event, or sequence of events, their request would be directed to our Architect Creative Responders


The more designers that sign up, the more responsive the design team can be for our community.  

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